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Workplace Mediation

When professional differences escalate into full blown disputes, the impact can be costly. We have a strong track record of helping rebuild working relationships and if needs be facilitating exit plans.

If you manage staff, you’ll have experienced some conflict at some point.  We have professionally trained mediators who can work with your most challenging working relationships. In many scenarios, we may be able to resolve the issue early by facilitating a meeting between the staff which may only take an hour, however for more deep rooted conflict formal mediation, has a very high success rate, and is certainly significantly cheaper than a tribunal case for all parties.

We pride ourselves in resolving conflicts, in a way that is both efficient and professional. If you have a small business and there’s conflict amongst staff, our key advice is to seek help as soon as possible and before things escalate.

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Hear from one of our clients following the success of a recent mediation:

“We experienced a scenario where two highly valued, passionate employees were in conflict.  Rise’s work with us to identify the root cause through a one day mediation process has seen remarkable results, resolving a complex conflict which in turn has vastly improved the working relationships and prevented significant loss of human capital.” John Walden of Marine Technical Limits


If you think workplace mediation is needed, please complete the short form below and one of our trained mediators will be in touch with you to discuss further.

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Please give any further information that you feel is relevant to the case. Please advise if the issues are part of any formal procedure or of any allegations that could include claims of discrimination.
A trained mediator will be in touch within 48 hours. If your mediation query is urgent, please do call us on direct on: 0844 854 6704.