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Psychometric Testing

Getting the right team and developing your employees to their full potential is key. We can help support this process with the aid of PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) Psychometric Testing.

Our consultants have been fully trained to analyse the PPA Psychometric reports generated from the testing, to support your recruitment process and team development. The key benefits of Psychometric Testing are:

  • Enhance your recruitment process and really understand your candidates.
  • Focus recruitment on your business culture and values rather than just the role.
  • Develop existing teams through understanding your current skills mix and the opportunities for growth.
  • Find a better way to manage and develop your poor performers
  • Recruiting and developing staff that are the ‘right fit’ for your business will save you valuable time and money.

Whether you are recruiting for a new role or want to identify existing untapped talent within your team, our PPA Psychometric Testing can support your needs and the tests are designed to ensure that candidates or staff with disabilities are not disadvantaged.

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psychometric testing