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Mediation and managing tricky relationships

May 5, 2023
Mediation in south west

We are all human, we’re all different. Minor disagreements, differing views and opinions in the workplace are normal and can often be a positive for a firm. Healthy debate can encourage new perspectives and create innovative and new ideas.

However, sometimes disagreements happen at work that aren’t resolved and have an ongoing impact within a team environment, putting pressure on internal relationships that could lead to them permanently breaking down. The potential impact this can have on small and medium sized businesses is huge.

The effect is often more wide reaching than just those directly involved in the dispute and can cause lost time, reduced productivity and poor team morale. This could quickly result in less than desirable business outcomes for you and your customers and potentially negative PR.

How Mediation can help resolve disputes

Mediation is a way to facilitate the rebuilding of relationships in a professional setting by providing a safe and neutral environment for individuals to express their concerns and establish healthier and more effective ways to communicate with each other, with the support of a professionally trained mediator.

Mediation can save time and resources compared to traditional methods of resolving disputes as its often quicker and less costly than going to court or engaging in other formal dispute resolution processes.

According to the report by CIPD Managing conflict in the modern workplace’ it found that found that 46% of conflicts relate to Differences in Personality Styles, 36 % relates to Individual performance or working styles, 22% relates to the level of support or resource, 20% relates to agreeing deliverable or setting targets and 11% relates to contracts of employment/terms and conditions. In our own experience, it is often it’s a combination of these factors and once identified, our mediators will recommend an action plan to help prevent further conflict arising.

How Rise HR can help

Here at Rise HR we have four HR Consultants that specialise in workplace mediation and work with individuals to determine the root causes of conflict. We can deliver this service either face-to-face or online.

We work closely with our clients and their employees to encourage active listening, and lead individuals to mutual understanding as well as identifying their own situation specific solutions with each other.

Some of the other benefits of a successful mediation include the contribution this can have to a positive workplace culture, where employees feel heard and valued and where they are more likely to be motivated, engaged and committed to their work.

How to decide whether Mediation is a relevant tool for your business?

If on reading the questions below you answer yes to any or all of them, then it’s likely that mediation will be a positive next step in resolving disputes and improving relationships between your employees.

  • Is there an ongoing conflict between employees impacting on stress levels?
  • Are you seeing a drop in productivity?
  • Have you tried facilitating a conversation between the parties with no success?
  • Have you lost team members as a result of an internal conflict?
  • Are absence levels increasing?

For a free and confidential exploratory conversation, we have four members of our team trained in Mediation that will be able to inform you of whether mediation is an appropriate route forward and begin the process if it’s recommended.

If you have any other questions or would like to understand more about Mediation, please get in touch with your usual HR Consultant or contact us on: hello@risehr.co.uk or by phone on: 0844 854 6704.

By Sarah Makepeace