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Tap into existing talent – recruitment on a budget

March 27, 2018

Earlier this year toy store giant, Toys R Us, announced they will be going into administration and closing most, if not all of their stores this year, affecting around 3000 staff members. Providing us with not only a great opportunity to purchase some bargains from their closing down sale, but from a business perspective, it may provide a great opportunity for a local business to pick up some well-trained staff, with little recruitment costs.  Toys R Us stores are located throughout the UK in most large towns, affecting a lot of local people.

If, for example, you are a local Swindon business and are currently looking into recruitment options, why not contact the Swindon Toys R Us branch and ask for permission to place a job advert on their staff noticeboard during the final 6 weeks of the store closure?

The key advantages of this approach are:

Reduced recruitment costs

Recruitment is a lengthy process and can be costly if you are advertising in multiple local papers/magazines/websites or via an agency. You could save your business quite a lot of money through simply placing a job advertisement on their staff noticeboard.

Ready skilled retail staff

Roles in Toys R Us, range from retail customer service through to Graduate Management Schemes and top management. Generally excellent training programmes are provided by the large corporations and it is a great opportunity to leverage off this and keep your training costs down.

Staff available for hire quickly

Being able to get your team settled and your new employees started as soon as possible helps improves team moral and supports your business needs better.

Additional to Toys R Us, Maplin – the large Electronics retailer, have also this year announced they will be going into administration and a similar approach is being taken with regards their store closures. If the staff members of Maplin would suit your business better, there’s an opportunity to do the same as above and enquire into whether a job advert can also be placed on their staff noticeboard too.

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