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Increasing employee productivity during the festive season

December 12, 2017

It’s 12 days until Christmas. Christmas is officially around the corner. Christmas parties have started. Chocolates are being eaten and everyone seems to be on go-slow… including your employees. This isn’t always the case, we know. But for some businesses, Christmas is the time of year where employee productivity is at its lowest and business is quiet. Here are five tips to keep your employees engaged, enthused and productive this festive season:

Say thank you

Utilise this quiet time to go and speak to your colleagues, face to face and simply thank them for their work. A small gesture goes a long way, making your employees feel appreciated and improve employee productivity.

Set the standards

Ask manager/business owner if you want your employees to still be productive this festive season you need to be the one doing so too. Lead by example and set the standards. BUT be fair, understanding it is a quieter time and a reward for all their hard work, perhaps surprise your employees and offer an early finish one day. Helps to brighten the mood and boost employee productivity.

Client Talk-Time

Ask your employees to spend some of this quiet time nurturing client relationships. Make that phone call, send a personalised Christmas card or even take the time to visit a client face-to-face to drop off a gift.  A little visit can go a long way and lets your clients know that you are thinking of them.


Whatever your organisations setting, now is a perfect time to spend having a sort out. Ask your employees to tidy their desks, to file those outstanding items, to organise their e-mails (GDPR preparations!) and to give their keyboard a well needed clean.  A clean, tidy and organised desk will provide a strong motivator and a great start to the New Year and boost your employee productivity.

Revitalise & refresh

Fuel your employees with fruits and brain power food, nuts. Bringing a hamper of something different to chocolates into the office, this may be the perfect tool to help boost employee productivity. The benefits of healthy eating are endless. During the festive season it’s often forgotten and put on hold until the New Year. End the year with healthy treats in your office.

Christmas ‘tis the season to be jolly… but doesn’t have to be a season of wasted hours of work. Embrace Christmas and the joy it brings but remember to utilise these quiet times. Keep up strong communication links with your staff and clients, show your employees appreciation and lead by example.

Happy Christmas and here’s to a productive and prosperous New Year!

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