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Happy New Year

January 1, 2018

The new year is upon us, welcome 2018. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from all at CitrusHR Consulting!

The new year brings fresh enthusiasm and motivation. It’s time to make those new year resolutions. Not just personal but business resolutions too.

At our last CitrusHR Consulting team meeting of 2017, amongst other things, we decided to make one of our business resolutions: to complete some form of charity work/event which supports a local Gloucestershire charity.  The benefits are twofold; helping our local Gloucestershire community and strengthening our team relationships. As a small business ourselves we understand the pressures small businesses are under. We realise it is hard to find time to focus on corporate responsibility. But embracing the New Year enthusiasm and arranging it now is a great way of securing something in your diary and creating a positive message for your team.

Here are our tips:

1)  Choose the charity

Ask around, you may have employees who have personal connections with a smaller charity that you may not have heard of before. Where possible, go local. Smaller and local charities need us more. Get in touch with the charity – they may have fundraising ideas or can specify their needs.

2) The type of event

You can raise money for your chosen charity in many ways; all working together to complete a sporting event (walk/run/cycle ride) or something more manual to help support the charity/organisation in need (painting a school fence/building a shed). Involve everyone and get their thoughts and suggestions as to what they’d like to do. It doesn’t have to stop with just doing one event…

3) Set the date

Securing the date in diaries means it’s official. Now you have time to prepare for the event, if it’s a sporting event, physical preparations may be required, these can be done together and further boost team moral. For manual work, communications should be made to local companies to see if they can supply and tools or support in any way.

4) Arrange practice time

This is particularly relevant if the chosen event is a fitness based one, allow time – in working hours, to complete training sessions. Not only will you be getting prepared for the event but also allows your team to bond together and boost moral.

5) Enjoy the feeling of doing something good

This doesn’t need explaining. Knowing you and your team will be making a little difference to others goes a long way.

Good luck from all at CitrusHR Consulting with your search and let us know what you get involved with this year! We will keep you updated with our chosen Gloucestershire charity and team activity very soon.