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Building your ideal workforce using psychometric testing

January 30, 2018

Recruiting the best talent for your organisation has never been more important, have you considered psychometric testing?

In today’s economic climate you’ll want to avoid a time-consuming cycle of hiring and firing and to get the best workforce first time around. Otherwise you could be looking at a cost to your organisation of 30-176% of the yearly salary of every unfilled position.

If you’re running a small business, like Bristol-based entrepreneur Liz Mugan who set up a business in her 20s, you’ll know finding success can be tough. Liz’s consultancy business, Quadrant Resolution, is now thriving thanks to the right staff but finding the right employees for your business first time around is essential, and this is challenging, as Liz explained:

“It takes a lot of time to find the right people, but getting the right team to support you and your goals is crucial.”

If you’re wondering how that’s possible – think about your options when it comes to recruitment.

Psychometric testing: a really useful recruitment tool

Yes – a valuable interview process is important.

But it’s been proven that an interview alone is unreliable in giving you, the employer, a complete picture of your candidate. After all, everybody has their ‘good’ and ‘off’ days!

Psychometric tests, however, can be really useful to help you assess a candidate beyond a first-impression meeting.

When carried out by a professionally-trained assessor, psychometric tests:

  • can help you design your ideal employee profile
  • are an effective – and objective – way to understand your candidate’s potential
  • can help understand if a candidate is going through personal difficulties, which may not always be apparent in an interview.


  • psychometrics are sophisticated tools that can test differences in areas such as an individual’s numerical skills, and verbal, cognitive, personality and behavioural traits
  • not only can they test current skills and ability, they also help you in forward-thinking and planning the shape of your overall team – and can assess why individuals think the way they do and behave the way they do

Is psychometric testing right for your organisation? The simple answer is most probably, yes; hence why they are now used by nearly two thirds of organisations. Use psychometric testing for:

  • recruitment selection
  • personal and team development
  • career and management advancement.

Psychometric testing could give your company the upper hand when it comes to recruitment accuracy and talent scouting.

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