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Sherry Jacobs

HR Consultant
Sherlock Sherry

What I bring

Having employees can be really daunting for small businesses and managing people can be difficult and complex.  I love being in a position to be able to advise and guide managers and give them confidence in dealing with their staff so that they can make their business successful. A lot of HR is about problem solving and I seem to have one of those brains that means I love being presented with a nice tricky dilemma and thinking about how to solve it and make everything right!  I’ve been working in HR now for longer than I’d care to admit and I can’t imagine ever doing anything else – I genuinely love it.

Top of my bucket list

Top of the list is travelling to Iceland and Japan

Sherry Jacobs has been very engaged and supportive in our recent review of HR practices and in particular staff appraisals. She has helped us create appropriate systems and processes that everyone in the Practice is now supportive of.  Thank you.

Nigel Dyke, Director, Alec French Architects