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Sarah Slater

HR Consultant
Stress Buster

What I bring

Bringing 20 years plus valuable HR experience, I love my role as an HR Consultant and the challenge of not knowing what’s coming next. Working with small and medium sized businesses, having such a range of clients, building relationships and learning about their business helps me to quickly understand how I can best support them. This is a rewarding position to be in.

A bit about me

I love cycling, walking my dogs, growing veggies and drinking wine!

I would like to put a shout out on here for our HR, Sarah Slater. I detest all the stuff that goes with managing a team and have had some really sticky situations over the past year. Sarah has been unfailingly helpful and supportive and I have learnt such a lot from her. She is also good at making me laugh when I am ready to pull out my hair! She is a mine of information and can help talk you through anything that you are not sure of – she rocks!

Kim Anaya, Case Manager, 3HUB Case Management